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Conservation and Earthcare Level 3

Passionate about the extraordinary native flora and fauna of the West Coast? Worried about the future sustainability of our endemic biodiversity? Keen to take action and make a difference to the world we live in, both now and in the future? Conservation Earthcare Level 3 is the course for you!

New for 2021 – This course follows on from Conservation and Earthcare Level 2. Please note students who did not take the level 2 course are still eligible to apply for the level 3 course.

Conservation and Earthcare Level 3 provides students with the opportunity to be agents of change by leading a major year long sustainability project. At the beginning of the year students are posed with a future sustainability issue. The future sustainability focus for 2021 is protecting our endemic biodiversity. Students will work collaboratively in project teams to take action and target the sustainability issue while gaining a range of industry specific skills and qualifications, including but not limited to; pest monitoring and control, bushcraft, health and safety, resource management and sustainability practices.

Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to partake in authentic, meaningful, hands on learning experiences whilst working alongside industry experts.

Conservation and Earthcare Level 3 challenges students to be curious, to be innovative, to be part of the change and to be part of the future.

Key details

Duration:This is a 1 year programme
Timetable:9am - 3pm Fridays
Starts:February 2021
Ends:November 2021
ProviderPapa Taiao Earthcare and Greymouth High School

What you learn:

Employment options:

Further study options:

  • Check out the 2021 Programme PDF Guide here!
  • Talk to your school Trades Academy co-ordinator or careers advisor

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