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Manaaki Tāpoi Cultural Tourism Level 3

The Level 3 Manaaki Tāpoi programme will strengthen participants understanding both of the uniqueness of Māori culture as well as the interconnectedness of Te Ao Māori. The programme builds on the Level 2 Manaaki Tāpoi programme to develop further skills and ability to interact with manuhiri through the delivery of Tourism Māori experiences.

Underpinning the curriculum is the development of crucial personal and social development skills transferable to any vocational pathway.

On completion of this programme students will be able to:

This is an exciting programme, giving students the opportunity to again travel around the South Island, working with successful New Zealand businesses.

Key details

Credits:20 to 24
Duration:This is a 1 year programme
Timetable:4 Residential block courses
Starts:February 2020
Ends:November 2020
ProviderWhenua Iti Outdoors

What you learn:

Employment Options:

Further Study Options:

  • Check out the 2020 Programme PDF Guide here!
  • Talk to your school Trades Academy co-ordinator or careers advisor

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