West Coast Trades Academy

Uniformed Services Level 2

Explore the exciting job opportunities within the New Zealand Uniformed Services: Search and Rescue, Coastguard, Emergency Services, Police or Armed Forces.

Your training will focus on search and rescue, sea survival, emergency services and civil defence training in a variety of awesome yet challenging locations from the mountains to the sea. You will experience simulated rescue exercises, help a marine vessel in trouble and find out what it is really like to be a paramedic, police officer and fire fighter.

Each week you will stay on location, immersed in your training. This course is practical, active, engaging and fun!

Key details

Duration:This is a 1 year programme
Timetable:Residential block courses
Starts:July 2020
Ends:November 2020
ProviderWhenua Iti Outdoors

What you learn:

Employment Options:

Further Study Options:

  • Check out the 2020 Programme PDF Guide here!
  • Talk to your school Trades Academy co-ordinator or careers advisor

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