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Vocational Pathways

Vocational pathways work alongside your NCEA levels 1-3 learning and help you plan what you need to study to achieve your career goals.

Every student will work with their school Trades Academy co-ordinator to develop an individual learning plan to make sure they are making the right study choices to meet their career goals. Vocational pathways have been developed to make sure students are learning relevant skills and knowledge in areas that employers’ value. They also make it easier for employers to see the range of work ready skills, industry training and learning that students have achieved while they are at school.

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Trades Academy Vocational Pathway Awards

All of the programmes offered by the West Coast Trades Academy will provide you with the ability to achieve a vocational pathways award. This can be a real advantage when you get out there and look for work and training opportunities in the sector.

Attain a vocational pathways award by:

+ Achieving NCEA level 2
+ Meeting literacy and numeracy requirements (20 credits at level 1 or above)
+ Gaining 60 level 2 credits from recommended standards INCLUDING
+ At least 20 level 2 credits from sector-related standards
= Vocational Pathways Award

  • Check out the 2024 Programme PDF Guide here!
  • Talk to your school Trades Academy co-ordinator or careers advisor

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